In contemporary football, the importance of physical appearance has risen to an unprecedented level. It is no longer enough to have exceptional tactical and technical skills; Physical condition has become a determining factor in a player’s performance. A palpable example of this reality is the case of Tanguy Ndombele, who since his arrival at Galatasaray on loan from Tottenham, has faced considerable challenges related to his weight.

When Ndombele arrived in Istanbul, his weight was 82 kilograms, a number that exceeded what was desired by his coach, Okan Buruk, who expected the 1.81-meter midfielder to maintain a weight of around 75 kilograms. This weight difference has drawn attention and generated concern among the Galatasaray coaching staff.


According to media reports such as Photospor, Ndombele’s attitude on the field left much to be desired during a match in which he came off the bench with 10 minutes remaining. This poor performance sparked a serious conversation between the player and his coach. It emerged that not only was Ndombele showing a lack of appetite on the field, but junk food such as burgers, chips, and fizzy drinks were also playing a role in his off-field diet.

Set aside until further notice

Faced with this situation, Okan Buruk took drastic measures. He met with Ndombele and informed him that he would not be called up for the next league match and that he would not play until he managed to lose weight and reduce his body fat. The monitoring of the player has intensified while he remains in the Galatasaray facilities, but it seems that when he is away from it, he relaxes regarding his eating habits.

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