Marcos Leonardo asks for a place in Europe after shining in Brazil

Marcos Leonardo, Santos’ Brazilian forward, has made some statements expressing his determination to make the jump to a big club in Europe in the short term, something that was already close to happening last summer with Roma’s interest in taking advantage of their services.

“I feel prepared to play for a great club and in a great European championship. ” Last August I was very close to making my transfer but things didn’t end up happening.” U-20 World Cup those who suggest that he will soon arrive in Europe and possibly be called up to the Brazilian senior team.


The great ones, attentive

Marcos Leonardo has proven to be a formidable goalscorer in Brazil and has attracted the attention of top European teams. His desire to compete in one of the most competitive leagues in the world is evident, and his success in the Brasileirao is an indication of his potential to succeed in Europe. Football followers will be attentive to his development and possible transfer of him to a European club in the future. His talent promises to be a valuable asset for both his future team and the Brazilian national team.



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