The 3 full-backs that Barcelona is considering to replace Balde

FC Barcelona is faced with the challenging task of finding a suitable replacement for Alejandro Balde, who will be undergoing surgery for an injury to his right leg’s femoral biceps. The length of his recovery period has prompted the club to consider utilizing LaLiga regulations that permit signings in cases of long-term injuries.

According to Article 77 of LaLiga, Barcelona has the opportunity to bring in a new player with a budget limit of 80% of the injured player’s cost and up to 2% of the Squad Cost Limit. With a limit of 5.4 million euros, Barcelona can explore options for reinforcement before the January 31 market closure.

Three potential candidates have emerged to temporarily fill Balde’s position:

  1. Marc Cucurella: A 25-year-old full-back from Chelsea who is currently injured and has had limited playing time. However, he is expected to recover by the end of March.
  2. Sergio Gómez: A 23-year-old full-back from Manchester City who has only played 9 games this season.
  3. Juan Miranda: A 24-year-old full-back from Betis who is seeking to leave the club and has a contract expiring in the summer of 2024.

Considering that these three players lack regular playing time at their current clubs, loan options appear to be viable solutions for Barcelona. The need to cover Balde’s absence and the opportunity to strengthen the squad for the remainder of the season make these winter market moves crucial for the team’s interests. The sports management will need to make strategic decisions to ensure an effective replacement and maintain solid performance in the upcoming months.

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