The mystery and expectations around Kylian Mbappé’s future continue to grow. With his contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) set to expire in 2024, both Real Madrid and PSG are fighting fiercely to secure the services of the talented French striker for next season.

Until now, Real Madrid had remained silent regarding its interest in Mbappé, but everything changed when José Manuel Otero, a member of the merengue club’s board of directors, made revealing statements on the Remontada Blanca Twitch channel. Otero expressed his confidence that Mbappé will decide to join Real Madrid when he becomes a free agent, stating that the player “was born to play for Real Madrid.” He also pointed out that PSG no longer has the same power as before due to the departure of some prominent players such as Neymar and Messi.


PSG’s response was immediate, and according to sources in France, the club is determined to retain its star at all costs. It is rumored that Qatar, through its leaders, is willing to present Mbappé with a multimillion-dollar contract to persuade him to continue in Paris.

Mbappé keeps silent

However, the player himself has maintained a mysterious silence about his future. Observers believe Mbappé will make a decision after the Champions League group stage in December. Meanwhile, Real Madrid are prepared to activate their machinery in January if the player is inclined to join them.

The uncertainty surrounding his future has even been reflected in his real estate moves, as it has been reported that Mbappé has chosen a house in Madrid, although he has not yet rented or bought it, adding even more intrigue to the saga.


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