The Player That Will Accompany Xavi: He Will Leave FC Barcelona This Summer.

Sergi Roberto’s future at FC Barcelona has taken an unexpected turn following the departure of his former coach, Xavi Hernández. Despite having the opportunity to extend his contract, the sudden news of Xavi leaving has left the versatile player uncertain about his future.

Previous discussions between Sergi Roberto and Xavi to determine his continuity have been overshadowed by the coach’s departure. Reliable sources indicate that the club currently has no plans to renew the youth player’s contract, suggesting that his fate may be tied to that of the outgoing coach.

It is worth mentioning that there were disagreements last summer regarding Sergi Roberto’s stay at the club. Despite Xavi’s strong support for his renewal, injuries and limited performance this season have diminished the player’s impact on the field. Despite accepting a reduced salary to aid the club’s financial situation, the youth player has struggled to shine as he did in previous seasons.

With a diminishing role in the team and despite being valued for his influence on young players, it seems that Sergi Roberto’s time at FC Barcelona will come to an end this summer, marking the end of his fourteen-year dedication to the first team.

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