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Tennis is a popular sport played by individuals or teams on a rectangular court, divided by a net. It is a game that combines physical agility, strategic thinking, and precise coordination. Players use a racket to hit a small ball back and forth over the net, aiming to land the ball within the boundaries of the opponent's side of the court while preventing it from landing on their own. Tennis can be played in various formats, including singles (one player on each side) or doubles (two players on each side). The objective is to win points by successfully hitting the ball in a way that the opponent cannot return it before it bounces twice. The game is known for its fast-paced rallies, demanding endurance, and the need for quick reflexes. Tennis is enjoyed as both a recreational activity and a professional sport, with major tournaments such as the Wimbledon Championships, the US Open, the French Open, and the Australian Open capturing the attention of millions of fans worldwide.

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